Huawei P30 Pro: Camera Tips And Tricks

The Huawei P30 Pro's four cameras let you zoom up close, take perfect portraits and capture well-lit shots at night. Become a pro with these helpful tips and tricks.

The Huawei P30 Pro has one of the most powerful camera systems ever to be built into a phone to let you zoom in further than ever before and take stunning images in the dark.

With so many features, getting the most out of the P30 Pro's four cameras can feel a little daunting. Follow these simple tips to get yourself snapping incredible-looking photos in no time.

Don’t be afraid to get up close

Getting up close and personal can sometimes reveal a world you hadn’t previously noticed, whether that’s an insect on the leaf of a flower or the unusual texture of an object up close. 

While normally most smartphones are excluded from this club, the P30 Pro’s Super Macro mode allows you to get astonishingly close to a subject while still staying in perfect focus.

To shoot in Macro mode, simply open the camera, swipe along to More and then tap on Super Macro.

Shooting close-ups can be tricky, especially when it comes to keeping a steady hand. If you’re shooting nature close-ups then it might be worth investing in a small smartphone tripod as well.

Tip: To give those images a real sense of scale, you can also shoot Super Macro shots in wide-angle. Simply tap on the 1X icon at the bottom and it will switch over to Wide.

See further than ever before

Arguably the biggest feature of the P30 Pro’s camera is its SuperZoom lens which lets you zoom up to 10x with almost no loss of quality.

To access the SuperZoom lens, roughly focus on where you want to zoom then tap on the 1X icon until you see 5X; tap it again and it will zoom to 10X, and if you want to go to extreme distances, tap and hold on 10X and start dragging your finger up.

After you’ve pressed the shutter button you may see a message asking you to hold the camera steady, this is because the phone is taking a set of pictures which it combines to create one crystal-clear image. 

Tip: As with capturing images close up, stability is key and while the P30 Pro will do an incredible job to stabilise the image you can help it by either using a tripod. Always remember to exhale fully before pressing the shutter button in order to reduce further camera shake.

Capture the perfect portrait

The Huawei P30 Pro has a trick up its sleeve thanks to its fourth camera which, just like a submarine’s sonar, takes a 3D map of the world around it.

Why? Because by working out where objects are you can perfectly blur the background and foreground to give you almost professional quality portrait images. It’s so accurate it can even detect individual strands of hair.

To use Portrait mode, simply swipe along the modes until you get to PortraitWhile normally you’d need to get closer to take these shots, the P30 Pro has a 3X zoom so don’t feel you have to get right up in the subject's face in order to take a great shot.

Tip: While Portrait mode is perfect for taking human portraits, the P30 Pro can also apply these effects to objects with stunning results. Simply swipe along until you get to Aperture, focus on the object, keep the camera steady and shoot. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look like its blurred it perfectly in the live preview: head over to the gallery to see the finished image.

See in the dark

The Huawei P30 Pro can take clear well-lit images in almost pitch-black conditions and without a flash thanks to its main camera lens which captures light in a new way, and the powerful software that’s on board.

What’s even more impressive is that this feature is turned on by default; all you need to do is point it in the direction of what you want to shoot, keep the phone steady and press the shutter button.

There is a dedicated Night Mode as well which can be accessed by swiping left until Night is selected.

Tip: Huawei’s Peter Gauden recommends experimenting with Night Mode outside of the norms. “Don't only think about using Night Mode at night,” says Gauden. “Night Mode creates really interesting photographs if you're using it at day as well. It has a unique style of photograph, super high dynamic range... The definition that it really gives you with clouds, it's quite amazing actually what it does.”

Don’t be afraid of Pro Mode

The Huawai P30 Pro has an incredibly powerful camera system - it’s why you can literally point and shoot and still get great results.

But it’s also why, if you decide to go manual, there’s scope to experiment, learn a bit about how cameras work and in the process capture some truly unique photos. 

Access Pro mode by simply opening the camera then swiping across until Pro is selected. Pro mode, Gauden explains, isn’t used for quick shots, instead it’s best to use it when you’ve got some time to experiment and set up your shot.

If you want to learn a little about what each function does, Huawei has placed a handy information screen in the top right-hand corner: just tap on the i and you’ll get brief descriptions of what each setting does and how it will change the appearance of the finished image.

As a general rule, the two symbols that are most important are ISO and S. The first controls the camera’s sensitivity to light (the lower it is, the darker the image), while the second controls your shutter speed and how much light you let in.

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