Huawei P30 Pro: Tips & tricks to unlock the full potential of your new phone

Learn how to set up the fingerprint scanner, turn on ‘dark mode’ and take better pictures using artificial intelligence.

The Huawei P30 Pro is one of the most advanced smartphones you can buy today thanks to its professional Leica camera system and state-of-the-art features like wireless charging and an in-display fingerprint sensor.

In fact, it has so many features that you might be wondering where to start. Here are some tricks, hidden features and tips on how to get started.

Ease the strain on your eyes by turning on ‘dark mode’

The latest smartphones have incredible displays and the P30 Pro is no different, but as these displays get sharper and brighter they can put more of a strain on our eyes, especially at night time. 

Like many of the latest smartphones, the P30 Pro has a ‘dark mode’ which transforms the operating system’s colour scheme from white to black. 

This not only saves on battery life but also reduces the impact on your eyes, letting you focus on the things that matter whether that’s reading a book, replying to messages or just watching a show.

To turn on ‘dark mode’ head to Settings – Battery – Darken interface colours

Note: The phone warns that turning this on ‘may affect display clarity in some apps’ but we haven’t noticed any difference at all.

Keep your home screen tidy by using the ‘App Drawer’

The P30 Pro has two home screen styles: one has all your apps spread out across multiple home screens that you swipe through, the other has them hidden away in an ‘app drawer’ letting you put only the apps you use regularly up on the main screen.

If you like to keep things clean and tidy, this second option is perfect for you, but it’s not switched on by default.

To turn it on go to Settings – Home screen & wallpaper – Home screen style – Select Drawer.

Tip: To send apps from the home screen to the drawer, simply press and hold and then tap ‘Remove’: it won’t delete them, it’s just taking them off the home screen.

Stay secure with the in-display fingerprint sensor

Smartphones are packed with security features designed to keep your photos, messages, emails and files safe. The P30 Pro is certainly no different, boasting a hidden fingerprint sensor embedded within the display.

Huawei claims it’s their fastest in-screen fingerprint sensor yet which means that keeping your phone secure doesn’t mean you have to wait long for your phone to unlock.

If you didn’t set up the fingerprint sensor when you first set up the phone, go to Settings – Security & privacy – Fingerprint ID – New in-screen fingerprint – and just follow the instructions on screen.

Take back control of your worst smartphone habits with Screen Time

No-one's perfect, and when it comes to our smartphones there are occasions when we all find them hard to put down. Whether that’s scrolling endlessly on Twitter, constantly looking at the news or just using our phones too much right before bedtime.

The P30 Pro has a fantastic tool called Screen Time Management which shows you how much you use your phone, which apps are the worst offenders and then helps you set timers which limit how much you use them.

To turn Screen Time management on, go to Settings – Digital balance – Turn screen time management on.

You’ll now have access to three separate tools:

Screen time: This lets you set a daily limit on the amount of time you spend using your phone.

App limits: This lets you set usage limits for the apps you think you use too much.

Bedtime: When it’s getting close to bedtime this feature will grey the screen and restrict access to certain apps.

Take a picture without lifting a finger

Camera self-timers are great for letting you take epic group selfies but they do require you to set up the camera, press the shutter button and then run frantically into position. 

The P30 Pro has a rather neat little trick hidden up its sleeve which lets you set up the phone, take as long as you need getting into frame and then all you need to do is shout ‘Cheese’ and the phone will take the picture.

To set up voice-activated pictures just open the camera – tap on Settings in the top right-hand corner – Audio control – turn on Say Cheese to take photos.

See essential information with just a glance

Sometimes you just want to see the time, or check why your phone beeped without having to unlock it completely.

The P30 Pro’s OLED display can show essential information on the lock screen all the time without draining the phone’s battery or damaging the display.

To turn on the Always on display, go to Settings – Home screen & wallpaper – Always on display – Turn on.

Use your phone to save your friend’s battery life

One of the coolest features available on the P30 Pro is Wireless Reverse Charging. This effectively turns your phone into a wireless charging pad, letting you charge other smartphones, smart watches or headphones as long as the gadgets themselves support wireless charging.

To this feature on simply go to Settings – Battery – Turn Wireless reverse charging on.

Tip: For this to work you need to place your phone face down on a flat surface and then place the compatible device onto the back of the P30 Pro. You should then hear a chime which confirms that the device is now charging.

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