Nokia is back with some exciting new smartphones running on Android, all at affordable prices from BT Mobile.

Essentials are at the forefront of these new devices, including the Nokia 3, so you can expect great photo quality, high performance and beautiful displays. Let’s take a look at the Nokia 3 and some of the amazing features you can look forward to.

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The cameras are both 8 megapixels

While most smartphones only have a good quality camera on the back, the Nokia 3 punches a high pixel count on both sides of the device.

Yes, not only is the back-facing camera a very respectable 8- megapixels but so is the front-facing camera, meaning you can take high-quality selfies.

To top it off, the cameras are autofocus too, so you don’t have to worry about fiddling around with the settings to get the perfect picture.

The eye-catching design

The Nokia 3 really does stand out from the crowd in terms of design, with a solid build and a premium feel in your hands thanks to the smooth aluminium frame. It’s available in stunning tempered blue.

Craftmanship, quality and design have always been key pillars of the Nokia proposition and the strong build on the Nokia 3 suggests no different. This is coupled with an ideal balance of performance and battery life.

Nokia 3 back

It runs stock Android

The Nokia 3 runs stock Android 7, meaning the phone works as Google intended without any changes. It makes the experience of using the Nokia 3 fluid and easy – especially if you’ve used Android before.

And even for those who haven’t, Nokia has made it incredibly simple so you can enjoy the millions of free apps from the Google Play Store with the 16GB memory available on the Nokia 3. Don’t forget, if you need more space, BT Broadband customers get free storage with BT Cloud for safely storing all your photos, videos and documents.

What’s more, Nokia says your phone will be kept secure and up-to-date with regular software updates.

The beautiful display

At 5 inches and HD, the display is more than enough to really enjoy looking back at photos, playing the latest apps or simply reading the latest news online.

But what makes the Nokia 3’s display really stand out is that it’s polarised so you’ll have clear screen viewing whether you’re outside with bright sunlight or indoors.

And that’s not all, the screen is also protected by Corning Gorilla Glass so it’ll be able to withstand the occasional bump or scrape that happens in life without ruining the beautiful display.

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