Samsung Galaxy S9: Tips and tricks to get the most out of your smartphone

Samsung’s flagship smartphone has some incredible tricks up its sleeve, we show you how to get the most out of your phone with these hidden tips and features.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has once again set the bar for what a smartphone can do with state-of-the-art technology including a biometric security system, AI voice assistant in the form of Bixby and a revolutionary new camera that can take fantastic low-light photos.

Whether you’ve already got the S9 and want to make the most of it or you’re thinking of buying one these tips should help you make the most of the phone.

Record a super slow-motion video

Capture those holiday moments in Hollywood-style slow motion with the S9’s camera that records video at a staggering 960 frames per second.

Firstly make sure you’re in an environment that has lots of light. Open the camera, swipe along until you see Super Slow-Mo at the top.

Now press the record button just before the moment you want to capture. The phone will then automatically record anything within the yellow box in Super Slow-Mo.

Take better photos in the dark

See in the dark with the Samsung Galaxy S9’s dual aperture camera. It works by letting in substantially more light than you would normally find on a smartphone. The results are incredible pictures even at the dead of night.

While it should automatically switch between day/night mode you can actually force it, giving you more freedom to take amazing pictures in darker environments.

First open the camera and then swipe along until you see PRO highlighted at the top.

Now tap on the Shutter icon and you’ll see F2.4 on the left-hand of the screen. Tap on that until you see F1.5.

To take a picture simply point it at the subject, tap to focus and then press the large white circle at the bottom of the screen.

Use your face to unlock your phone

Whenever you get a new phone one of the most important things you should do is secure it with a PIN or Pattern. The Samsung Galaxy S9 adds a new layer of convenience by using your face and the unique pattern of your eyes to keep your phone secure.

To setup facial recognition unlock simply go to Settings - Type Intelligent in the search bar - Tap on Intelligent Scan - Register face and irises.

If you haven’t already you’ll be asked to create either a PIN or Pattern as a backup and then it will start the process of registering your face and irises.

Make sure you’re in a brightly lit room and simply hold the phone close to your face. When registering your eyes try to match up your eyes with those displayed on the screen.

That’s it you’re all done! To use Intelligent Scan simply pick up your phone, press the Home Button and the phone will automatically unlock using your face.

Be kind to your eyes

If you use your phone late at night the Galaxy S9 has a special feature called Blue Light Filter that can help you get a better night’s sleep. It works by removing disruptive blue light from the display.

Simply go to Settings - Type ‘blue’ into the search bar - Blue Light Filter.

You can set your own schedule for when it turns on or you can let your phone automatically turn it on between sunset and sunrise.

In evening you’ll notice that the screen has gently changed with whites looking warmer and more orange. In the morning it will then transition back to looking normal.

Give your videos a visual boost

The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a hidden feature that can make your videos appear brighter and more vivid.

Simply go to Settings – Type ‘video’ into the search bar – Video Enhancer.

You’ll see a list of the apps that support this feature including YouTube, Google Play Movies and TV as well as any videos that you record on the phone yourself.

Don’t worry about Netflix not being on the list as the app has already been optimised to make full use of the Galaxy S9’s incredible Super AMOLED display.

Change the font and size of your text

Don’t strain to see what’s on the screen, especially when you’ve got a phone with a screen this beautiful.

Head to Settings – Type ‘font’ into the search bar – Font and screen zoom.

At the top you’ll be able to change the size of the menus and icons by adjusting Screen Zoom.

If the text is too big or too small adjust the slider below it called Font Size. Finally you can even change the font style so if you’re after something a bit more playful just scroll down and select the font that you like.

Increase your battery life

Going out for the evening and don’t want to have to worry about your phone dying? The Samsung Galaxy S9 has a number of tools all designed to extend the phone’s battery life without losing any of the features you would expect.

Simply head to Settings – Type ‘battery’ into the search bar and scroll down until you see Battery.

You can now see a comprehensive breakdown of your phone’s battery life including an estimation of how many hours you have left.

If you just need your phone to last the evening then we would recommend selecting MID which slightly lowers the screen brightness, reduces the resolution and disables the always on display.

For extreme battery life however you can select MAX which reduces the screen resolution even further, turns the display black and white, disables non-essential apps from running in the background and even limits the speed at which the phone’s processor can run.

Customise your home screen/lock screen

The Samsung Galaxy S9 runs on Google’s Android operating system which means that it’s highly customisable.

You can change everything from how crowded you want the home screen to look to the type of animation you want showing on the phone’s lock screen.

To change the home screen simply press and hold on any part of the home screen and it’ll bring up the customisation options.

You’ll have four options: Wallpapers, Themes, Widgets and Home screen settings.

Wallpapers: Choose from either Samsung’s own wallpapers at the top or search the online store for wallpapers that have been designed by other people.

Themes: These let you change the entire appearance of the phone right down to the style of the icons. Make sure you check the price first though as this contains both free and premium options.

Widgets: These are interactive shortcuts that can display information on your home screen or let you control aspects of the phone such as music. Simply press and hold on the one you want and drag it to the right location on the home screen.

Home screen settings: From here you can change the amount of icons that are shown on the display under Home screen grid.

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