How did they do that? Five smartphone photographs that will blow your mind

From a selfie-taking shadow to a headless tribute to International Woman’s Day, check out these amazing cameraphone compositions.

Smartphones make it easier than ever to take photographs on the go and share them with friends and strangers alike.

The beauty of photo-sharing apps such as Instagram is that it’s easy to discover amazing photographs taken by people all over the world – images that make you look twice, such as the one above.

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The photograph above was taken by Pritesh Patel, a 22-year old student from Anand in India. He posted it on Instagram it after he had finished his exams with the words “Shadow wants to do a selfie first! Why no multitask – eh?”

It was taken using a Nokia Lumia 1020, one of the best cameraphones we’ve used and even used by David Bailey.

To create the effect Patel used the self-timer and combined the images into a single photo. Speaking to, Patel explained his passion for photography.

“I am really fond of taking creative pictures and sharing it over to social sites and inspiring other mobile users to shoot unique photographs,” he said.

Here are five more amazing photographs from Patel’s portfolio, all taken using a Lumia 1020 and edited in-camera, with the exception of Frame through the 2.0.


1. Inner Beauty


A photo posted by Pritesh Patel (@darksettlers) on

2. Lean and Align


A photo posted by Pritesh Patel (@darksettlers) on

It took Patel several attempts before he finally got the photo he wanted: “On the fourth try I leaned in too hard and as a result the support slipped and I lost balance. But my quick and reliable reflexes helped me avoid a fall on my face.”

3. Double Exposure


A photo posted by Pritesh Patel (@darksettlers) on

4: Hats off


A photo posted by Pritesh Patel (@darksettlers) on

Patel created this for International Women’s Day. The pulling off of the head (instead of a hat) demonstrating respect, although, he told Lumia Conversations, the editing process was a labour of love. “I invited my friends over and used the sky as the background composition, as nature always has the best compositions for photographs. After three days of trying and shooting over 60 images, I finally got a pretty good shot,” he said.

5. Frame Through the 2.0


A photo posted by Pritesh Patel (@darksettlers) on

This photograph effect was created by combining two photographs on a PC.

If you are interesting in discovering new photographs or sharing yours, Instagram is well worth checking out. The app is available for Apple, Android and Windows Phone.

Photo credit: Pritesh Patel

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