10 Downing Street is a place few people ever get to set foot in, but thanks to Google anyone can now get a peek inside.

The tech giant allows users to virtually wander the halls and rooms of the prime minister’s base.

Among the areas now open to virtual exploration are the Thatcher Room, which served as the office of the late prime minister, and the Rose Garden, used as the site for the first press conference of the coalition government in 2010.

Downing Street Cabinet table

Google has also gathered educational resources for Downing Street too, having collected portraits, videos and speeches from former prime ministers and included them within the experience.

Amit Sood, director of Google Arts and Culture, said: “We’re delighted to be able to share our technology to open and promote the history behind another emblematic British institution.

“With more than 1,000 institutions from 70 countries now preserving and sharing their content online, we hope to empower everyone to experience history, art and culture in new ways.”

10 Downing St

Visit 10 Downing Street from a browser at Google Arts & Culture or download the Google Arts & Culture app for Android and iOS.