BT Call Protect: Why BT’s free service can help you banish nuisance calls

Find out more about BT's breakthrough telephone service that will help prevent nuisance calls.

The average British person receives four nuisance calls a week and unsurprisingly 60% people find receiving such calls stressful according to research by BT.  Unfortunately over the last few years there has been an increase in nuisance calls, from speculative PPI claims to automated marketing messages.

BT's breakthrough service BT Call Protect will help customers avoid nuisance calls on their landline by diverting unwanted calls to junk voicemail.

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TV and radio presenter and BT Call Protect Ambassador Christine Lampard has experienced the frustration of nuisance calls: “My own parents have noticed a huge rise in these sorts of calls recently, an increase that seems to be affecting a majority of the older generation.

“BT Call Protect is a great new service designed to help prevent these calls. Any help we can give to our parents and grandparents avoid the stress of nuisance calls gets my vote.”


What does BT Call Protect do?

BT Call Protect proactively monitors nuisance calls and automatically prevents them getting through to your phone by sending them directly to a junk voicemail. BT will identify nuisance calls on the BT Blacklist which will automatically send them to your junk voicemail.  

You can also create your own personal blacklist to send all future calls from unwanted numbers to your junk voicemail.

How do I add numbers to my personal blacklist?

BT Call Protect makes it very simple to divert nuisance calls. If you receive an nuisance call, hang up the phone, dial 1572 and follow the simple instructions to add it to your Personal blacklist.

You can manage your settings and personal blacklist at where you log in using your BT ID, alternatively you can dial 1572 free from your home phone.

I have a problem with withheld numbers, can BT Call Protect help?

Yes, another feature of BT Call Protect is the ability to divert individual call categories.  Withheld, International and Unrecognised numbers can all be sent directly to your junk voicemail. You can manage these online or by calling 1572.

How much does BT Call Protect cost?

BT Call Protect is completely free to all BT home phone customers. You won’t get charged to call 1572, where you can manage your settings and add numbers to your personal blacklist.

How do I get BT Call Protect?

If you are a new or existing customer you can find out more and order the service at

What happens if I’ve already got BT 1571 and Call Minder?

BT Call Protect was automatically provided to customers with either of these products.

By having BT Call Protect with BT Answer 1571 or Call Minder you’ll also benefit from two additional features.

VIP lets you create a safe list of callers you don’t want to send to your junk mail, while Do Not Disturb lets you specify certain times of the day when you don’t want to be disturbed, for instance if you are watching your favourite TV programme or if you just want a little bit of peace.

How do I find out more about BT Call Protect?

For more information log onto

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