A decommissioned Royal Navy submarine has been given the Google Street View treatment, enabling users to glimpse at life aboard HMS Ocelot.

Users can climb aboard the sub using Google Maps, and move around the interior of the boat, visit the crew’s bunks, galley, control room, engine room and even sit in the pilot’s seat. It provides a fascinating look at a rather cramped life under the waves for the 69-strong crew.

Photographers C Inside Media snapped the subs interior for Google, with director Neil Cooper telling The Register about the constraints of photographing the vessel.

“A submarine is a strange example of our work. We always have to follow Google guidelines, which state there should be five to 15 feet between each node, which are the places users click between.”

Based in The Historic Dockyard, Chatham, HMS Ocelot is an ‘O’ Class diesel electric submarine active during the Cold War, until she was decommissioned in 1991. If Google Maps has whetted your appetite, full tours are available.

HMS Ocelot interior from Google Street View