We all have machines to wash and dry our clothes, but why can't technology help with other boring laundry tasks like folding, ironing and putting away freshly washed clothes neatly into wardrobes?

Laundry loathers can stop dreaming now because a new gadget can ease the pain a little.

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FoldiMate, a California-based start-up company, has built a robot whose main purpose is to fold your freshly laundered items of clothing.

After demonstrating the device at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last year, FoldiMate is now taking pre-orders on the latest model. The first shipment is due in late 2019, with the target price of $980 (£724). 


Users attached their laundry to clips on the device, which pops out neat piles in minutes. 

"With FoldiMate you will be able to fold an average laundry load of between 20-40 items in about 2-4 minutes," says the company’s website.


The device works by placing the garments on its integrated rack and letting it know what type of clothing it is using with the available buttons.

FoldiMate will detect the size of each item, the thickness of the fabric and whether it is long-sleeve or short-sleeve and adjust accordingly for the perfect fold.

The previous dewrinkler and fragnance features have been removed from last year's model to create this new edition of the device.


There is no limit to the number of items FoldiMate can accommodate - it just depends on how long you want to spend clipping the items on - but unfortunately, it won’t be able to solve all your folding woes.

You will still have to deal with bed linen, undergarments, socks and baby clothes. 

"FoldiMate works best with average-sized clothing and laundry items,” adds the company’s website.

“It currently won’t fold very small items like baby clothes, socks or undergarments, very large items such as sheets, or very bulky items such as hoodies."

There is an option to be invited for an early pre-order of the product on the company's website. 

Photo credits: FoldiMate

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