Plenty of weird and wonderful things have been spotted on Google Maps, but the newest conspiracy theory surrounds a mythical sea monster – the Kraken.

Eagle-eyed viewers of Google Earth think they’ve spotted the ship-eating sea monster, surfacing from the deep just off the coast of Antarctica.

Get a better look at this and many other weird and wonderful discoveries on Google Maps by hitting play on the video above.

Kraken on Google Maps


If you want to take a closer look for yourself, you can, here.

Now, not that we don’t want to believe in sea monsters roaming the Antarctic seas, but the fact that this “sighting” occurs close to Deception Island should be a clue as to what it really is.

Popular Science got confirmation from deep-sea biologist Andrew David Thaler of blog Southern Fried Science that the sea monster is in fact a rock formation called Sail Rock. The name coming from the rock’s resemblance to sails rising above the waves.



There are few photos of the rock itself- though this is not really that surprising given that it lies a few miles south west of Deception Island, a remote location that houses only seasonal research stations and so isn’t a particularly busy part of the world.

However, there are a couple of photos online if you look hard enough, with Flickr to thank mainly.

Not a sea monster then, but still a cool addition to the random sightings list on Google Maps and Google Earth, from the blurred out houses in Teesside to some hidden locations in Taiwan and the Netherlands.

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Homepage photo credit: Design Pics Inc/REX/Shutterstock