Number of electric cars on UK roads up 44%, new figures show

There are now more than 37,000 electric vehicles registered in the UK.

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Last updated: 27 April 2018 - 5.30pm

Electric vehicles have been enjoying a surge in demand, with new data showing there are now 44% more cars on the road than there were just three years ago.

This amounts to just over 21,000 more electric vehicles registered in the UK in April 2018 than in 2015, according to research by Cap HPI, a company specialising in automotive data.

Overall, the number of electric vehicles on UK roads is still a tiny proportion of the total number of registered cars. Out of 26 million, around 37,500 are alternatively fuelled, meaning they are not run on petrol.

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Chris Plumb, an electric vehicles expert at Cap HPI, said: “Drivers are showing growing confidence in the technology as the real-life ranges of vehicles increase and faster charging is available.

“Manufacturers also provide more choice with many now providing an all-electric option.”

Electric cars are overall a much more affordable alternative as they are exempt from road tax and cheaper to run.

“Increasingly, people are saying they enjoy the driving experience in electric vehicles. As clean air zones roll out across the UK, we expect the popularity of these cars to continue to grow,” Plumb added.

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