Sega will release a mini version of the Mega Drive console

The reveal will be a welcome treat for fans of the original 90s device.

Press Association
Last updated: 18 April 2018 - 7.06am

Sega is introducing a mini version of its Mega Drive in a nod to the retro console trend.

Following the popularity of Nintendo’s SNES and the Classic NES over the past two years, Sega announced it is to release the Mega Drive Mini in Japan later this year.

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The console’s release will coincide with the developer’s 30th anniversary, although it is not yet known how many games will accompany the 16-bit device.

Little more is known of the Mega Drive Mini, which was unveiled at Sega FES 2018 in Tokyo, Japan over the weekend. But pictures of the nostalgic console suggest it will be a hand-sized model of the original.

Sega has predominantly focused on its video game offerings for almost two decades, and the Mini Drive will be the company’s first console since the kid-friendly Advanced Pico Beena in 2005.

The original Mega Drive, known as Genesis in the United States, was released in November 1990 in the EU.

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