Explore the Doctor's famous Tardis with Google Maps

The new Doctor Who is nearly here.... Google Street View lets fans step inside the world’s most famous police box.

Doctor Who makes its return to television screens on October 7, 2018 and the new series mark's the show's 55th year.

Five years ago, to celebrate the hit BBC drama's half-century, Google added a surprise for Doctor Who fans within its Google Maps service.

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The tech giant planted an Easter egg – a hidden treat in a computer game or website. The hidden feature can be found by searching for Earl’s Court station and clicking on Street View (or by following this link). This places you just outside the station entrance, where a blue police box – made world-famous by the long-running BBC TV show – has stood since 1996.

Moving the mouse around and navigating until the police box is in front of you and slightly to the left will reveal a set of double arrows pointing towards the box. Clicking on those arrows will take you through the famous blue doors and straight into the heart of the Tardis.

Google Map developers added the insides of the time machine so that fans can wander around using Street view’s panoramic tools. The tour lets you visit the main deck and take a short stroll downstairs to see the underside of the control panel.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to go wandering off down any of the hallways that lead off the main deck, but considering the Tardis is famously a lot bigger on the inside than the outside, maybe that’s no bad thing as visitors may never find their way out!

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