London Fashion Week 2014 is in full swing and mobile phones are the rather unusual catwalk queens, as the world’s first interactive skirt taking centre stage.

Nokia teamed up with design team and 2012 Fashion Fringe award winners Fyodor Golan to create the skirt, which is made from 35 Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphones.

Skirt made of Nokia Lumia 1520 smartphones

Installed on each of the phones is a specially-built app, which uses GPS technology to align with the wearer’s movement.  Images on the six-inch Full HD screen change in sync as the skirt moves, creating a motion effect, designed to replicate the effect of fabric.

“The idea of making the screens react to the world around it via photographs and video is something that we do not think has been done before,” one half of the design duo Fyodor Podgorny told Nokia Conversations.

London-based research and design studio KIN collaborated on the skirt using a combination of programming, 3D printing techniques and sketches.

35 Nokia Lumia 1520's on skirt

The team at KIN have developed for Windows PCs in the past and said developing for the mobile version “opened up interesting new possibilities”.

The interactive skirt is certainly an eye-catching and interesting way of using mobile phones – and is no less wearable than some of the creations on show at Fashion Week.

Running Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, the Nokia Lumia 1520 includes a 20-megapixel camera incorporating the PureView technology that we loved in the Nokia Lumia 1020.