Google has confirmed a new version of its Chromecast streaming device at its new product launch.

The original Chromecast was a plug-in for TVs that when slotted into a HDMi port, enabled users to connect to and stream content from a mobile device to the bigger screen.

Original Chromecast
The original Chromecast (Jaime Henry-White/AP/PA)

The new Chromecast has been re-designed and is now circular – similar to the Google Chrome logo – but this design has also enabled Google to add more antennas to support more WiFi bands.

The technology giant says this means better and faster connections when streaming from your mobile device or laptop to the TV.

It also works across both Android and iOS, so iPhone users will also be able to take advantage of the £30 device.

As part of the update, Google confirmed their Chromecast app has also been overhauled, now offering more partner apps, as well as showing the various services in which a movie or TV is available on.

Google showed off a new feature called Fast Play, which they said was coming next year, and pre-loads content in the background so that users will wait for less time when trying to stream a show or movie.

As well as an update of the TV version, Google also announced a new music version, called Chromecast Audio. This can be plugged into home speakers, with audio content from any mobile device then streamed to them via your home WiFi network.

It too, will cost £30.