Fingerprint scanners are nothing new when it comes to a form of account log-in, but what about one that’s connected to a gaming mouse?

Tt eSports has just launched a new mouse – the Black FP – for gaming PCs that is capable of doing just that – logging in to and authenticating your accounts with a click of it. That’s because it has a fingerprint sensor built into it that meets encryption standards for password-less log-in to some services.

Black FP
(Tt eSports)

The result is smoother movement into and across all your various accounts – something PC gamers do a fair amount of – but can also be used across your social media accounts.

As with all modern gaming mice these days though, the Black FP also comes with impressive amounts of customisation, with users able to tweak the performance of any of the seven buttons on it, as well as sensitivity.

Black FP mouse
(Tt eSports)

Impressively, the Black FP’s scanner isn’t at all prominent, a glance at images of the mouse and it’s hard to see where it is, so using it is not a changed experience – a great feat for such a step forward technology-wise.

The scanner is in fact housed on the side of the device, and can support up to four profiles.