Find yourself waiting for ages for your microwave to cook your food? YouTuber Colin Furze has the answer to your problems: a microwave gaming appliance.

Yes that’s right, internet star and inventor Furze has converted his microwave into a prototype playable retro gaming console that can also cook your food.

Called the Play-o-Wave, this latest gizmo comes with a gaming screen built into the door and contains inputs for a handheld controller.

To prove that his latest contraption worked, the 38-year-old former plumber demonstrated the device in action – by cooking an onion with peanut butter for two minutes while played a biking video game.

And sure enough, the video showed Play-o-Wave doing exactly as planned.

Furze is known for his wacky inventions – he has built an ejector bed in the past which essentially throws you out of your bed in the morning.

Colin Furze.
(Colin Furze/YouTube screenshot)

Other cool inventions under his belt include an Assassin’s Creed style hidden blade and rope launcher and an apocalypse bunker beneath his back garden.

His latest video is part of a series for his channel in which viewers write in and request certain inventions.

Although, should you ever get your hands on this device, you might try cooking something nicer than a peanut butter covered onion.